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Ref.No. EntryDate TitleDonor_Spender_IDModeAmountActionBalance    Remarks    
40822-Jul-2019Cr_DonationAnki Reddy Maram
BankTransfer6,000Credit350,279One time donation by one of our book readers
40721-Jul-2019Dr_TreeFencingManoj Arora
BankTransfer1,170Debit344,279Fencing for 6.5 Trees at Dr Puneet Dwarkadheesh apartments
40619-Jul-2019Dr_TreeFencingManoj Arora
BankTransfer5,000Debit345,449Tree Tags advance payment (missed the entry earlier)
40518-Jul-2019Dr_TreeFencingManoj Arora
BankTransfer5,300Debit350,449Final payment for 1000 Tags done to SKG Advertising. Ref No. BM91990222668678
40416-Jul-2019Dr_TreePurchaseManoj Arora
NonFinancial800 NFDebit355,749Tree ID 1607 and 1608 planted from a NF Donation
40315-Jul-2019Dr_TreePurchaseManoj Arora
BankTransfer1,390Debit356,54913 trees Dwarkadheesh apartments Dr Puneet leader
40214-Jul-2019Dr_TreeFencingManoj Arora
BankTransfer3,600Debit357,939Fencing for 20 new trees planted in a new location in Uttam Nagar
40113-Jul-2019Cr_DonationAbhijit Thorat
NonFinancial800 NFCredit361,5392 Trees Donation
40013-Jul-2019Cr_DonationVishal Magoo
BankTransfer50,000Credit360,739One time donation via Yogesh ji
39911-Jul-2019Cr_DonationAmit Prakash
PayTM1,100Credit310,739Monthly Recurring Donation - July 2019

NF : A Non Financial Transaction : This Transaction Amount is not a financial transaction but an equivalent of a non financial debit or credit. e.g. If someone donates trees rather than funds, its equivalent amount is added to our Account Books.

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