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Ref.No. EntryDate TitleDonor_Spender_IDModeAmountActionBalance    Remarks    
56807-Dec-2020Cr_DonationRajesh Arora
BankTransfer500Credit338,218Monthly Recurring Donation
56704-Dec-2020Cr_DonationElevate Your Life (C)
BankTransfer4,672Credit337,718Monthly Recurring Donation [5% of EYL Fees] [5% goes to other donations]
56604-Dec-2020Cr_DonationBank Interest
BankTransfer469Credit333,046Bank Interest for Dec 2020
56526-Nov-2020Cr_DonationBank Interest
BankTransfer615Credit332,577Bank Interest for Nov 2020
56426-Nov-2020Cr_DonationRita Cooper
BankTransfer4,000Credit331,962Monthly Recurring Donation of INR 500 for Apr to Nov 2020
56321-Nov-2020Cr_DonationSubhajit Shome
PayTM603Credit327,962Monthly Recurring Donation - Book Reader
56204-Nov-2020Cr_DonationBank Interest
BankTransfer484Credit327,359Bank Interest for Nov 2020
56104-Nov-2020Dr_TreeFencingManoj Arora
BankTransfer31,575Debit326,875Iron Fencing for approx 180 trees in and around Agra by Atul ji
56004-Nov-2020Cr_DonationElevate Your Life (C)
BankTransfer4,519Credit358,450Monthly Recurring Donation [10% of EYL Fees] - Oct 2020 earnings
55904-Nov-2020Cr_DonationElevate Your Life (C)
BankTransfer6,337Credit353,931Monthly Recurring Donation [10% of EYL Fees] - Sep 2020 earnings
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