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Ref.No. EntryDate TitleDonor_Spender_IDModeAmountActionBalance    Remarks    
45419-Oct-2019Dr_TreePurchaseYogesh Aggrwal
NonFinancial32,000 NFDebit314,78980 Trees Planted at a Govt School as a Social Initiative by Lixil India
45318-Oct-2019Cr_DonationLixil India Pvt Ltd.
NonFinancial32,000 NFCredit346,78980 Trees Donated as a Social Initiative by Lixil India at the rate of INR 400 per tree
45208-Oct-2019Cr_DonationAmit Prakash
PayTM1,100Credit314,789Monthly recurring donation for Oct 2019
45106-Oct-2019Cr_DonationBank Interest
BankTransfer448Credit313,689Bank Interest for Sep 2019
45006-Oct-2019Dr_OpExManoj Arora
BankTransfer1,250Debit313,241100 Blank Tags purchase from SKG Advertising
44904-Oct-2019Cr_DonationBank Interest
BankTransfer148Credit314,491Bank Interest for Sep 2019
44802-Oct-2019Dr_OpExManoj Arora
BankTransfer1,975Debit314,343Operational Expenses like Fuel, Courier, Tag Purchase etc for the month of Sep 2019
44701-Oct-2019Cr_DonationElevate Your Life (C)
BankTransfer4,856Credit316,318Monthly Recurring Donation for Sep 2019 [10% of EYL Recurring Fees]
44601-Oct-2019Cr_DonationRita Cooper
BankTransfer500Credit311,462Monthly Recurring Donation for Oct 2019 [a part of INR 3350 credited]
44501-Oct-2019Cr_DonationVeera Cooper
BankTransfer1,750Credit310,962Monthly Recurring Donation for Oct 2019 [a part of INR 3350 credited]

NF : A Non Financial Transaction : This Transaction Amount is not a financial transaction but an equivalent of a non financial debit or credit. e.g. If someone donates trees rather than funds, its equivalent amount is added to our Account Books.

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