Elevate Your Life
Manoj Arora
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Over the last 200 years of Stock Market existence, investors in excess of 90% execute either loss making transactions or are sitting on a pile of investments waiting for HIS divine intervention to help recover their lost money.

Stock Markets are a simple, powerful and highly predictable investment option. But human beings, with their deteriorating emotions of greed, fear, biases, ego, lack of patience & faith, have made a mess of this highly rewarding investment option. Today, a common man dreads of entering the Stock Market arena � forget about considering it as an inseparable part of one�s portfolio.

Mr. Stock had to intervene. Gobind, the chosen lucky one from Planet Earth, is handheld by Mr. Stock on the entire process from screening & pre-filtering a stock, rejecting a few stocks, selecting & buying the right one, overcoming one�s own emotions during the entire roller coaster journey of holding that stock,and finally exiting the stock � all done live in a real market scenario, with real stocks, on real data, on factual dates - over a period of 17 months from 5-Dec- 2014 to 28-Apr 2016 - teaching him 83 unforgettable technical as well as character enhancing lessons on the way. Gobind experienced that anyone following this process is guaranteed to succeed. This book depicts the detailed interaction between Gobind and Mr. Stock � and in the process handholds the reader on being a successful stock investor for long term wealth creation.

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Elevate Your Life
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