About Our Trees [Top Of Page]
5176 Trees
99% Alive 3524 Pics  

We do not just plant trees.
We nurture them, and care for them, till they are self sustaining.
We track every single tree along with its donor, care taker(volunteer), location, from-the-ground pictures and anything else that you may want to know.
You may track the Tree Location via Google Maps as well.
This keeps the entire system lively and transparent.
About Our Tree Varities [Top Of Page]
103 Varieties

We plant all varities of Trees that enrich us with Oxygen.
The location is a critical factor to decide the tree variety.
You will find Tree Varities from medicinal and shade giving trees like Neem to flowery trees like Gulmohar and Amaltas to fruit bearing trees like Mango and Jamun.
There are many other factors like ecological balance and climate that are kept in mind before deciding the Tree Variety.
About Our Tree Locations [Top Of Page]
162 Locations

Each location comprises of a set of trees, managed by one or more volunteers.
The number of Volunteers assigned to a location depends upon the number of trees planted.
Our locations spread from Delhi in the north to Gujarat, Mumbai & Pune in West to Andhra Pradesh in South.
About Our Leaders [Top Of Page]
16 Leaders

A Leader manages everything for his or her area, including locations, volunteers, funds and everything else.
A Leader is virtually running a mini NGO within Kalpavriksha.
So, if you can spare 2-3 hours a week and are passionate about trees, confident of taking your decisions, and running your own mini organisation, then you are apt to be a Leader with Kalpavriksha.
About Our Volunteers [Top Of Page]
144 Volunteers

Anyone can volunteer for this great cause.
If you can spend 30 min a week and have a passion towards working for our environment, you can apply for being a volunteer with us.
About Our Donors [Top Of Page]
161 Donors

Do not have time to volunteer or lead with Kalpavriksha?
You can still play a crucial role in making the world around you better.
Donate as little or as much as you wish.
Your contributions help us buy trees, get them fenced and care for them - until they are big enough.
Public Account Book [Top Of Page]
368,725 bal.
1,492,312 Cr 1,123,587 Dr  

We are committed to 100% transparency within and outside our organisation.
Every Account Entry, whether it is donations or expenditures, is therefore made public in our Public Account Book.
Anyone, whether a part of Kalpavriksha or not, has access to our real time Public Account Book.
About Us [Top Of Page]
Origin :
With the intent of reducing air pollution for our coming generations, Kalpavriksha started its operations as a 'not-for-profit' organisation on 1st March 2016 in New Delhi.
Registered NGO :
Kalpavriksha is a registered trust (Reg No.27 / Book 4 / Vol 172 dtd 4th Jan 2018) with sub-registrar in New Delhi, India. It has pan-India Operations. Manoj Arora is its main trustee / settler.
View Kalpavriksha 12A Registration Certificate by clicking here.
Mission :
With a mission to plant at least 1 Million trees across India, we believe in nurturing and caring for every single tree that is planted.
Brochure :
You may download the Kalpavriksha Flyer by clicking here.
Roles With Us [Top Of Page]
You can get associated with us and play different roles, based on your time availability, interest and passion towards the society.
Click on each role to understand more...
Founder Leader
Frequently Asked Questions [Top Of Page]
Is KALPAVRIKSHA a registered NGO / Trust?

Yes, Kalpavriksha is a registered trust as per Govrenment of India regulations, and has pan India operations:
  • Reg No.27/Book-4/Vol-172 with the Sub-Registrar, New Delhi, India.
  • Reg No.DL/2021/0289776 with NGO Darpan, New Delhi, India.

Will I get Income Tax rebate u/s 80G for donations to Kalpavriksha?

Yes, all donations to Kalpavriksha are exempt from Income Tax as per Section 80G of Income Tax Rules.
  • View Sec 12 A Registration
  • View Sec 80 G Registration

How long has been Kalpavriksha in existence?

Kalpavriksha started its operations on 1st March 2016, and became a registered trust on 4th Jan 2018. Today, it has pan-India Operations in cities like Delhi, Gurugram, Pune, Mumbai, Guntur (AP) and many more to follow.

How much does a Tree Cost?

Each tree (with protection fencing and 2-3 year care) costs an average of INR 400. It used to cost us higher in the beginning but we have been able to bring down our operational costs with experience, networking and efficiency in processes.

What is the breakup of INR 400?

INR 150 : The average cost of a Tree. We buy trees which are atleast 5 feet tall.
INR 50 : The average cost of fencing the tree, assuming that fencing is required for 25% of the trees. This is a cane and plastic mesh fencing.
INR 200 : Care and Watering for 2 years, assuming we get 'non-paid' volunteers for 80% of the trees.

Will the Trees be tagged to my name?

If you wish to "own" one or more trees, and get them tagged in your or your loved one's name, then you are requested to donate a minimum of INR 400. Otherwise, you can donate any amount starting INR 10.

Can I track my donation?

Yes, we are 100% transparent on funding. Every single donation or expenditure appears in our public AccountiBook within 24 hours. You would also see your name in AlliDonors section. You can also see your tagged trees and their real pictures after logging into the website.

Will I get regular reports?

Yes, you will get a monthly report which will provide you all details related to the real work that we are doing on the ground, how many trees we have planted in a month, how your funds are specifically being utilised and against which Trees.

Contact Us [Top Of Page]
We are listening. To apply for any role with us, to donate, or to simply ask any question, you may contact us via either of the following modes
Email : support@mykalpavriksha.org
WhatsApp : +91 98711 33619
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ourkalpavriksha/