Elevate Your Life
Manoj Arora
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About the Book [Top Of Page]
From the corporate executive to the street vendor, everyone wants financial security, wealth and affluence. But, the author feels that most people are so lost in getting the wealth that they forget to live their lives. In From The Rat Race To Financial Freedom, the author takes his own life as an example to illustrate how everyone gets lost in the mad race to earn a living, to acquire wealth, and to ensure financial security for themselves and their family.

In the process, they miss most of the things that they earn the money for in the first place....
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Read Reviews [Top Of Page]
Each Review is a heart-felt expression from someone whose life has been impacted.
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Elevate Your Life
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Meet Freedom Seekers [Top Of Page]
There are thousands of common men and women who have dared to embark on this beautiful journey towards Financial Freedom. A revolution is brewing.
Meet some such freedom seekers here...
  Mr. Pallav Sarmah (Assam, India)   View Synopsis | Read Story
  Ms. Kamini Gupta (Hyderabad, India)   View Synopsis | Read Story
  Ms. Annapurna Sharma (Gurugram, India)   View Synopsis | Read Story
  Mrs. & Mr. Rai (California, USA)   View Synopsis | Read Story
  Mr. Rajesh Arora (Washington, USA)   View Synopsis | Read Story
  Mr. Mukesh Chopra (New Delhi, India)   View Synopsis | Read Story
  Mr. Rishi Diwan (Himachal Pradesh, India)   View Synopsis | Read Story
And the list is ever increasing. Meet many more Freedom seekers here...
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Understand the Wealth Management Principles with real life examples - principles that help you amass huge wealth.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) [Top Of Page]
Browse through some of the most frequently asked questions from our readers - related to this book.
 1) Can someone help me prepare or validate my Financial Freedom Plan?
      Yes, we will help you build your customised Financial Freedom Plan.
      Or if you have prepared your own plan, we can validate the same for you.
      No fees, No charges.
 2) What are the charges for seeking help from Author?
      NIL. There is no mandatory fees, charges or constraints for seeking help.
      We help you in line with our mission in life i.e. to elevate the world around us.
      However, if you want, you can voluntarily donate for our NGO - Kalpavriksha.
 3) Can I seek a telephonic appointment with the Author?
      YES. You can write to us seeking a telephonic appointment.
      We will come back to you within 72 hours with the proposed appointment slots.
 4) Can I seek a Face to Face appointment with the Author?
      YES. You can write to us seeking a face to face appointment.
      Author is a resident of Delhi (Janak Puri area). Meeting will be held in a Coffee House around this residential area.
      We will come back to you within 72 hours with the proposed appointment and venue slots.
And if you think you have a different question, feel free to write back to us. We would be happy to help...

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