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What is ELEVATE Newsletter
• ELEVATE Newsletter is a non-profit monthly newsletter that provides an opportunity for the subscribers to get a monthly feed of topics related to personal finance, life and positivity.
• ELEVATE is an electronic newsletter which can be downloaded as a password protected PDF format file on the 1st of every month.

Why this Newsletter
• There is massive information that is generated every day - both financial and life related - during our interaction with thousands of freedom seekers from across the globe. We cherry pick the best out of that and share with you in the form of a newsletter.
• The electronic version of the newsletter also allows you to click on specific topics and participate in discussions around those topics on social media, thus making it a very interactive experience..
• Not everyone can be a part of our ELITE Program or ask every question. Through this newsletter, we intend to make all such individuals and families a part of personal and financial growth story.
• Children are our big legacy and we want them to get acquainted with the latest in the world of personal finance and life skills. This newsletter keeps things simple and interesting for them.

Are there any Location Constraints to subscribe to ELEVATE newsletter
• Since the newsletter is electronically delivered, there are absolutely no location constraints for any reader.
• We already have readers from across the globe, especially from countries like Australia, USA, Canada, Singapore, UAE, Dubai, UK, Sri Lanka etc. other than India, who are succesfully subscribed to the newsletter.

Can I read a sample newsletter before subscribing
• Yes, very much, we do offer a FREE copy of our latest newsletter to everyone before actual subscription.
• You can click here to apply for a free copy.
• You will get access to a newsletter dashboard on signing up for a free copy. Your free copy will be available via that newsletter dashboard.

Do I need to register on your website to download the newsletter
• No, that is not needed.
• We offer you a login access to all your subscribed newsletters via a secure login through your name and date of bith combination.

What contents are usually a part of the Newsletter
• Domestic and Global Financial News with their interpretation and expert analysis.
• Top Tweets of the month with their explanation and 'Power links' for active real-time participation.
• Blog Post of the month.
• Book of the month, along with a point wise summary about the learnings from the book.
• Top FOOPS moments describing the most common mistakes investors keep doing in personal finance.
• New features on our website to help you track your financial freedom journey more efficiently.
• Frequently Asked Questions by freedom seekers from across the globe while on their journey to freedom, along with their answers, ofcourse.
• Data Points is a special section where you learn to make your own interpretations from some interesting micro and macro economic global data.
• Poll of the month involves the results of an online social media poll on personal finance, to show you how people think about various financial topics.
• Experience Sharing by freedom seekers along with their goals, dreams, experience during or after achieving financial freedom.

What Contents are NOT part of the Newsletter
• Direct Stock or Mutual Fund Recommendations.

How much is the Newsletter Price
• The MRP for the newsletter is currently Rs. 99/- per month for a minimum of 3-month subscription.
• Discounted prices are available for 6-month and 12-month subscriptions.
• Anyone can subscribe to the newsletter.

Why is ELEVATE newsletter not Free
• The newsletter is delievered on no profit basis, at a very nominal price.
• The costs incurred in content creation, design, and delivery of the newsletter is distributed among all subscriber base to arrive at the MRP.
• We think that we will be able to further slash the price in future as our readership grows.
• As they say, Free has no value. Therefore, the newsletter works on a 'cost basis'. The purpose of not keeping it free is to ensure that only serious readers get to reap the rewards, and atleast our minimum running costs are recovered.

100% Fee Waiver in Special Cases
• I beleieve that if there is a reader with dreams, who wants to read the newsletter but cannot afford the same, then it is my moral obligation to support him / her and bear all the costs.
• 100% Subscription Fee Waiver will be provided to anyone whose income is less than INR 20,000 per month AND savings are less than INR 5,000 per month.
• Both the conditions on Income and Savings should be satisfied to be applicable for 100% Fee Waiver.
• Recurring Fee Waiver will cease to exist once the financial situation of the reader goes above the two specified limits.

Fee Refund
• 100% Subscription Fee is refunded within 7 working days, in ALL cases where the reader lets us know within this time span..
• No refunds can be entertained after the 7 day period is over, from the date of subscription.

Why should you Subscribe
• All content published in the newsletter is personally reviewed and shortlisted by me.
• The newsletter is downloadable immdiately after publishing via a 100% secure website in a password protected PDF file.
• Unlike most comemrcial financial magazines, this newsletter runs as a Non Profit Service. This makes the advice 100% genuine since there is no clash of interest.
• Part of your subscription fees automatically goes as donations to Kalpavriksha - our Tree Plantation NGO .This makes you a social contributor automatically, while you continue to grow your knowledge.
• This is the first every global newsletter that integrates life skills and personal finance skills as a combo.
• The newsletter not only enhances your knowledge but also insulates you from unnecessary noise around you.

How to Subscribe
• You can subscribe anytime to the ELEVATE Newsletter by filling up the ELEVATE Subscription Form.
• You will recieve a welcome email within 72 hours of submitting the subscription form.
• If you face any issues while subscribing, please send us an email at 'newsletter@manoj-arora.com' mentioning your name, email and whats app number. We will revert back to you at the earliest.

How can ELEVATE Subscription be renewed
• You can click here to renew your subscription.
• Even if you fill the subscription form prior to subscription expiry, your subscription will get renewed ONLY after the expiry of your earlier subscription.

When is the Newsletter Published
• The newsletter is published in your newsletter dashboard on the 1st of every month, usually by 09:00am IST.
• All active subscribers get an email notification as soon as the newsletter is published.
• All our WhatsApp subscribers also get a notification as soon as the newsletter is published.

Is the Newsletter published in Electronic Mode
• Yes, the newsletter is published in electronic mode, as a password protected PDF file.
• Each subscriber gets access to their secure, personalised newsletter dashboard from where they can download the newsletter for any of the subscribed months, anytime.

Is the Newsletter available as a printed copy
• No, the newsletter is not published as a physical copy.
• We might do so in future if there is enough demand for a physical copy. As of now, most readers prefer it only in electronic mode.

Can we listen-in to the newsletter in audio format
• Yes, the published PDF newsletter is capable of reading out the newsletter to you.
• Click Here to read the instructions on how to listen-in the newsletter in audio mode after you have downloaded and opened the PDF file.
• However, please note that there may be some graphs and charts in the newsletter which may not be read by the PDF Audio engine.

Natural Exit
• You have a choice to naturally exit from the subscription at any stage simply by not renewing your subscription.

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