Instructions : Read Aloud PDF File

Step 1: Download PDF Newsletter
If you have already subscribed to the newsletter, and that includes those who are subscribed to the one month free copy, then you can download the newsletter PDF from your customised Newsletter Dashboard.
Click here to access the Newsletter Dashboard and download the copy that you wish to listen to.

Step 2: Open the PDF Newsletter
All your downloaded newsletter files are protected via a customised password.
Your password is, your first name in UPPER CASE / CAPITAL Letters, followed by your complete date of birth in DDMMYYYY format.
Example: If your name is Manish Sharma and your date of birth is 20-01-1970, then the password is MANISH20011970.

Step 3: Click on Vertical Ellipsis
After the file is succesfully opened, click on the Vertical Ellipsis on the top right of your mobile/tab screen.
Fig below shows the marked image.

Step 4: Select the Read Aloud Option
A list of additional options will be displayed on clicking on the vertical ellipsis.
Click on Read Aloud option, as shown in the below marked image.

PDF will start reading the newsletter aloud instantly.

Step 5: Update the language settings (optional)
While your PDF Reader is reading the PDF aloud, you can click on the Globe icon at the bottom right of your mobile/tab.
It will display the language options to choose from.
Most Indians feel more comfortable with English(India) as the language rather than English(US) or English(UK).
The highlighted images below show you how exactly this needs to be done.