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Excellent Book for the Beginners irrespective of age. Gone through the book and completed within one night. Description is awesome. A common man will understand the finance term very easily. A must have book for guidance for financial freedom during the life journey.Mukesh MishraIndia
Iíve read quite a few books about achieving Financial Freedom. Most of them only give Concepts, Tips, Pointers etc. in generalize form but nobody gives a concrete plan with amount, date, time required etc. This is the only book which talks with you in terms of numbers (in the later chapters) & provides the blue print to walk step by step along the path to achieve of financial freedom because the author has shared his own illustrations. The journey might be a bit long (for some) but the plan shared is realistic & achievable. I 100% endorse this book for those who want to be free financially.Sandeep RaoIndia
Around 4 days ago,I chanced upon your book and what a delightful read it has been so far. Unlike a lot of other books that talk in thin air, your book offers a sound insight by explaining the math behind the scenes. A lot of us,specially in IT, have been approached by MLM folks. My personal opinion is that this model may have worked for a few but for the vast majority it has been a failure. Your honest confession that it did not work for you is much appreciated.Shabbir DholkawalaMumbai, India
I have read many books on wealth creation and planning, but have never come across any book that is not just set in the Indian context, but more so, lucidly explains every detail for planning for financial freedom. Another big salute to you for choosing a life mission of helping others to attain their financial freedom.Raja SekharIndia
I have read many books on Finance before this book but the way you have written this book is really amazing in many ways. It also has Outstanding examples given by you to make understand power of compounding. The concept of capital gain tax is taught beautifully and much more.. Thank you very much. Sandeep GargNew Delhi, India
I am in IT sector for almost 14 years now and working as an Architect with a reputed company. I never realized the importance of Financial Planning during my career and now after reading this book, I realized that how much it is important to plan your retirement and understand what you have and what you need in future. I recommend this book to my friends, who are really looking forward to have stable retirement and understand that if they start planning today it wont take much effort to have a plan in place and execution will be smoother but its definitely requires to have some plan. Once you go through this book, you will understand its importance. thanks and all the best.Sushil ChugGurgaon, Haryana
A must read book for all. Comprehensive,yet simple and practical. It will transform,motivate, inspire and help achieve financial independence. This will be my preferred gift to those I care for. Maj Gen(Retd) Nikhil KumarGurgaon, Haryana
I read the Rat Race book recently and I was thrilled. We Indians lose out on actual financial planning and freedom just because we are trying to settle, earn money and make family.Ankit PunjabiIndia
Really ,this is a very good book for beginners to start their journey towards financial freedom. Every young man must go through this. Kamaldeep BaggaKolkata, West Bengal, India
I am Pallavi persuing MBA-Finance, just read your book-From the Rat Race to Financial Freedom. Through this mail, I am not asking you for any help because this book has already helped me a lot in clearing finance concepts which will help me in my interview. So Thank you very much. Pallavi ShereIndia
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