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I am 50 yrs old. Is it really possible for me to achieve financial freedom? I bought your book, no doubt it is a very good book.ShashiIndia
I am partway through your book and i must say it is really impressive the amount of information provided.Sayantan BhattacharyaKolkata, India
I am not in financial things really but when I started reading this book I found it so interesting that I completed it on the very first day. This book gave me a very clear understanding of how to achieve financial freedom. Kudos to the author.Gaurav MalhotraCanada
Unlike other books which I bought having title of earning from stock markets in 30 days + double your money in two days, etc etc, this book has defeated them all. This book really does the job of explaining in layman terms the importance of saving & investing and also gives a brief of the options available. Ravishankar KIndia
Thanks a lot for writing the book: From Rat Race to Financial Freedom. It has helped me a lot in understanding the world of personal finance.Abhishek KumarVaranasi, UP, India
Recently I bought your book and the read the process of financial freedom .Thanks for giving us a very good book.Srikanth.ABangalore, India
To start with, I am really inspired by the book. I am a novice in this domain and would like to start from basics of investing. Shruti JoshiBangalore, Karnataka, India
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