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I am very lucky to have this book at the right time. And I am thankful for the friend who referred this book to me And I have to thank the author who is a common man & achieved his financial freedom, and now who is sharing his journey to help others to achieve the same. Thank You very much Manoj. And I am sure, I will get back to you to thank you again after 10 years with Financial Freedom in my hands.Kanagaraj PChennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Although I knew most of concepts explained in the book , I have understood importance of setting goal to generate Nest Egg corpus. In todays world it has become important to educate people and spread financial awareness. Mr. Arora has been doing excellent work. CongratulationsAswad GurjarPune, India
Thanks for the invigorating session. It has very enlightening to be present, it helped in a way to open up my mind and look forward to coming to office today (Monday)! This is one such session where it is not just management talk but call out for precise actions that can be taken up as an outcome! Wish I could have had such a session 10 years ago...however, it is never late I suppose. I alsoMahashweta RoyKolkatta
I enjoyed reading the book and have planned my investments accordingly.Gaurav BilgiIndia
I read ur book from the rat race to financial freedom and it was just wonderful.Ramu KanhaiyaIndia
I have not come across a better book than this on personal finance in recent times.The author has given most valuable information and guidance which if one can follow will work wonders for his personal finance.BUY IT IMMEDIATELY YOU WILL NOT REGRET...Biswajit HotaIndia
The book has multiple excel worksheet illustrating each stage of the financial freedom process that the author advocates. The worksheets are easy to understand even for a layman. After reading the book, I could not locate the excel worksheets in the URL given in the book. I wrote to the author and he gladly send me the correct URL links to download the worksheets. Lastly, the author is a financial planner and yet at no point asks you to patronize him for further assistance.Suresh KumarUSA
I must say that this book is worth spending every rupee to buy it.Vilas RokhadeIndia
Before reading your book, I had read Rich Dad Poor Dad and The Wealthy Barber. Although both the books are excellent and provide generic advice for financial freedom, your book gives a comprehensive account of all such avenues present in India. And for this, I am grateful to you.Santanu PramanikBangalore, Karnataka, India
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