28 Life Elevating Father-Daughter Conversations

Children of today’s generation are street smart and worldly wise. What guidance can parents really give them, if at all?

Perhaps the only thing that they increasingly lack in today’s world are the softer aspects of life, be it handling competition, managing stress, living a value-based life, taking quick decisions, choosing between passion and profession, making mistakes and learning from them, contributing and giving back, awakening the inner self, and so on.

The good news is that they don’t need to be taken to any special classes to imbibe these soft skills. All we need is to make ourselves available to them for daily interactions. We have to find time for them.

This is not any ordinary book giving gyaan on parenting. It is a diary of my real-life interactions with my fairies during their growing years. In each of the 28 father – daughter day-to-day interactions presented in the book, there are 57 unique, life-elevating lessons for our children, and also for us, as parents.

Armed with such essential life skills, our children are likely to lead a stronger and happier life. And we can proudly leave a legacy of a much more compassionate and happier children behind us.

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