A common man's daring to....
Dream On

My name is Rahul, a Class 9 failure, a dumb boy. Demotivated, depressed and fatalistic, I happen to meet my old friend and confidant, Priya. My discussions with Priya inspire me to fight out against all odds. I learn to dream. From a disaster, I dream on to become an engineering Gold Medalist, to being wealthy & financially free, to one of the most sought after authors globally.

Every negative situation in my life's journey - from a teenager until death, teaches me to embrace failure as an opportunity presented by God, to course correct my path, and move in the direction towards my true calling in life. I learn that failure is the only way HE hand holds us towards our mission of life - something for which HE sent us here on this planet. Every failure, thus, enables me to Dream On.

With success at my toes, a sudden disastrous situation in my family leads to an intense close interaction with my fairies for almost 7 months, which ultimately leads to the discovery of my mission of life, my purpose of existence on this planet. I go on to chase my mission, live my passion and share the learnings, on the last day of my life.

Come with me, as I take you through my life's journey as a common man. This should inspire you to lead an extraordinary life, for we were never designed to die ordinary. It will portray how HE is there with us at every moment, to help us discover our mission. HE can get 'his' mission accomplished, only through us. HE is asking us to Dream On´┐Żand it will be pity if we live our life small.

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