A common man's pursuit for....
Happiness Unlimited

All that everyone seeks in life is happiness. It is the sole purpose of existence and it�s what drives us in all that we pursue, achievements, wealth, professional or business success, love, relationships, a comfort-filled home, a happy family, or even in relatively smaller things such as a vacation, shopping, movie or a dinner outing. So, while we may think we want to be rich, powerful, successful, popular, or whatever, all that we actually want is to be happy. Always happy.

Yet happiness proves both transient and elusive.
That�s because we seek it in the wrong places and pursue it in the wrong things. We seek it in the external world around us, in attainments, money, power, material things, people . . . .
In reality, happiness lies within each one of us. It is our true nature. We simply have to uncover it by getting rid of all the wrong notions and false assumptions about ourselves that we hold unexamined.

This book will help you do just that � discover your inner self and unlock the eternal happiness that lies within you. In doing so, it will transform your life forever. The book also shows you how to make your own destiny by mastering your thoughts. It is packed with inspiration, practical steps and innovative Destiny Cards to help you take charge of your thinking.

The good news is that Happiness is not that hard to experience and the best news is that it is all in the reader�s hands. The book gives the reader a direction and illustrates how a common man like me has been able to experience it. The ball is in his court now. !! Go for it�..

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