A common manís journey....
From the Rat Race to Financial Freedom

From the corporate executive to the street vendor, everyone wants financial security, wealth and affluence. But, the author feels that most people are so lost in getting the wealth that they forget to live their lives. In From The Rat Race To Financial Freedom, the author takes his own life as an example to illustrate how everyone gets lost in the mad race to earn a living, to acquire wealth, and to ensure financial security for themselves and their family.

In the process, they miss most of the things that they earn the money for in the first place. They lose touch with their family, fail to relax and enjoy the simple things in life, and get stressed out. The author says that he travelled the same route for years as a corporate executive worrying about his finances before he realized that in order to achieve what he wanted, he had to get out of the rut he had placed himself in. The author decided to take control of his own finances. He points out that it is not how much a person earns that determines their affluence and financial security. It is how much they save and invest that matters.

In the book, the author takes the reader by the hand and shows them how they too can achieve what he has achieved in his life. He has increased his wealth by increasing his savings and by making wise investment decisions. He begins by explaining the fundamentals first, explaining important financial terms and phrases. He then explains the various investment options available today and shows how to assess them and pick wise investment choices. He then goes on to explain some basic changes in perspectives and habits that the reader needs to make to embark on this journey, and to stay focused. These include changes that he found he had to make in himself to be successful in his venture.

In the last section of From The Rat Race To Financial Freedom, the author explains the practical steps in financial planning and management. He explains to the readers how to assess their assets and liabilities, to define their goals, and how to keep track of their progress and stay focused. The book guides the readers throughout their journey on the path to financial freedom, from explaining the fundamentals to showing them how to assess, plan, and execute a good investment plan that will ensure their financial security.

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