ELITE Program

What is ELITE Program
• ELITE Program is a non-profit program that provides a lifetime opportunity to get enrolled in a mission oriented program for Financial Freedom.
• ELITE Program Subscription offers 100% customised Financial Freedom Planning, Tracking and Portfolio Management Services to a selected few passionate readers at negligible cost and zero profits.
• The entry to the program is restricted to a very few selected passionate seekers - selected on the basis of a telephonic / email interview.

Why this Program
• We believe that there are many good people around us, who wish to elevate the world around them, in their own special way.
• But most such people are trapped in a maddening race to earn more money, and to take care of family responsibilities.
• Through this program, we intend to make serious and passionate freedom seekers financially free for the rest of their lives, so that they can focus their time and energy on the things they love doing - which includes elevating our society.

What is the Duration of the Program
• There is no fixed duration to this program.
• The program runs atleast until I take you to financial freedom.
• The duration of the program, therefore, could vary from 1 year to 30 years or even more. We keep working until you reach freedom.
• Most freedom seekers continue to stay with the program even after reaching financial freedom - so that they continue to manage their wealth in an organised manner.

How is the Program Operationalised
• The program works on the idea of creating your customised financial freedom plan and then tracking the plan until Financial Freedom is reached.
• EMail and Website are the first modes of communication. The entire planning, tracking, reviews etc. are done on our 100% secure website using the guidelines and interaction with me over email.
• Wherever we get stuck, we schedule a call to resolve the issue and move ahead.
• Quick queries can also be resolved over Whats App.
• For subscribers residing in Delhi NCR, a Face to Face review is also planned. Such interactions are also planned whenever I am touring your city.
• Since the primary mode of communication is Website, E-Mail, Whats-App and Phone calls, there are no location constraints for any seeker. And that is why we have a good mix of freedom seekers from across the globe already enrolled in this program.

Are there any Location Constraints to join the Program
• Since the primary mode of communication are Website, E-Mail, Whats-App and Phone calls, there are absolutely no location constraints for any seeker.
• We already have freedom seekers from across the globe, especially from countries like Australia, USA, Canada, Singapore, UAE, Dubai, UK, Sri Lanka etc. other than India, who are succesfully persuing this program.

Can I talk to some referrals before joining the Program
• Oh, we absolutely love the idea of freedom seekers interacting with each other.
• However, we are committed to strict confidentiality clauses, and hence we will not be able to share contact details of our existing freedom seekers.
• Having said that, we keep publishing stories from our freedom seekers. You are invited to click here and read some of the passionate stories from them.
• Still, if you feel that it is extremely necessary for you to talk to some of our existing subscribers, then please send us an email with all the details, and we would try and take permission from the most relevant subscriber near your location to help you get connected.

Will I be able to interact with Seekers post joining the Program
• We have created very customised tools like Freedom Wall on our website, which you can use to interact with other freedom seekers.
• You can use this wall to exchange ideas, seek information from your fellow travelers in this beautiful journey towards financial freedom.

Is my data safe on this website?
• Your data on the website is 100% safe.
• Absolutely no one else, other than you and me, has any visibility to any of your financial data. No one else will ever have this access even in the future.
• The website runs on a secure HTTPS protocol with strict encryption, issued by R2, USA. You may validate the signature and its validity by clicking on the 🔒 (lock) icon that appears on the left of the URL address of the website.
• All your data is stored on a 100% secure and encrypted database.
• We never ask or store any data related to your credit/debit cards, bank account numbers, net banking passwords, login details, demat account details, etc in our database.
• We do not perform any financial transactions on your behalf. We plan, recommend, track, analyse and course correct based on the data that you enter.

What Services are a part of the Program
• Analysing your entire financial life to build your customised Financial Freedom Plan - an exhaustive exercise spanning around 2-3 months.
• Monthly tracking of your Financial Freedom journey - so that you do not lose sight of your Financial Freedom goal at any point.
• Proactive multiple reviews every month of your portfolio and freedom journey - from multiple aspects - including corpus targets, ROI, Liquidity, Meeting future goals etc.
• Sharing Review Observations with you. Each observation is filled with immense learning and takes you closer to your goal.
• Doing joint Stock Valuations as well as validating your calculations for stock selection and tracking.
• Helping you choose appropriate Equity & Debt Mutual Funds, based on their expected performance and your risk profile.
• Enabling you to take decisions on choosing or discarding the right Health and Life Insurance Policies based on your family needs.
• Guidance on Real Estate investment or liquidation decisions.
• Long term Portfolio Balancing suggestions (mix of Equity Vs Debt, mix of Small/Mid/Large Cap) based on our proprietary PMC (Portfolio Mix Calculator) Tool.
• In-depth monitoring and performance reporting of your Assets (incl. Mutual Funds) with recommendations.
• Health Review of your Financial Freeodm Journey over Telephonic Review Calls.
• Unlimited Query Handling Sessions.

What Services are NOT part of the Program
• Theory Classes or Gyaan.
• Presentations and Lectures.
• Direct Stock Recommendations.
• Your Income Tax Calculations.
• Investments on your behalf.

What is the Knowledge Imparting Philosophy during the Program
• Zero Tolerance on Spoon feeding. The idea is to enable you to become an independent decision maker in terms of taking any financial decision in life.
• The entire learning is hands on, while working on preparing your financial freedom plan and tracking your journey towards Financial Freedom.

How much is the Application Fees
• There is a one-time (once in a life time) application fees of INR 4,999. The purpose of this fees is to ensure that only serious readers and freedom seekers get to take a pie of my time.
• Along with the application fees, an application must clear a qualifying interview. The purpose of the interview is to assess the applicant's passion, commitment and dedication towards their own freedom.

Is there any recurring fees
• The program works on a no-profit model. We do not earn anything in the program.
• On a quarterly basis, you need to pay only for the cost that is incurred to run the program for you.
• There will be a Service Continuity Form that will be sent to you every quarter. You can use that form for confirming your Service Continuity and paying for the minimum cost and any additional optional fees that you may wish to pay to support this program.
• As on date, we are able to run the program at INR 531 per month (INR 1,593 per quarter).
• After more than 2 years, the cost recovery fees will undergo a nominal inflation adjustment in Apr 2022, and is likely to be around INR 530 per month (INR 1,590 per quarter).
• Many seekers (of their own will) pay more than this minimum cost, based on the comfort & value addition that they see in their financial life.
• However, there is absolutely no compulsion to pay any additional fees over and above the minimum costs. It is completely at your goodwill. The quality of our Services are NOT dependent on your additional payment.
• These minimum costs in the form of future quarterly payments from various freedom seekers (crowd funding) are utilised in many ways, e.g. to maintain and enhance our website with new features, procure 100% secure and super-fast server space, get you undivided attention from me, plant more trees via Kalpavriksha, other charities etc.

Why is ELITE Service not Free
• I was providing a similar service free of cost, for many years.
• I realised that my time was not being effectively utilised since there were many freedom seekers who enrolled for the program, but were not serious about their journey.
• There were also many other freedom seekers who were serious about the journey, but rampantly mis-used the idea of Optional Fees during Quarterly Service Continuity. For all such seekers, I had to bear the minimum program running costs from my own pocket.
• As they say, Free has no value. Therefore, a nominal one-time (once in a life time) application fees and the minimum running cost was introduced. The purpose of such fees is to ensure that only serious readers and investors get to take a pie of my time, and atleast our minimum running costs are recovered.

100% Fee Waiver in Special Cases
• I beleieve that if there is a seeker with dreams, who wants to get financially free via this program, then it is my moral obligation to support him / her and bear all the costs.
• 100% Application Fee Waiver and 100% Waiver on Running Costs will be provided to anyone whose income is less than INR 20,000 per month AND savings are less than INR 5,000 per month.
• Both the conditions on Income and Savings should be satisfied to be applicable for 100% Fee Waiver.
• Recurring Fee Waiver will cease to exist once the financial situation of the seeker goes above the two specified limits.

Fee Refund
• 100% Application Fee is refunded within 7 working days, in ALL cases where the applicant fails to get selected in the interview.
• Partial Application Fee could be refunded within 30 days, if the user is not satisfied with the service. The amount of refund, in such cases, is based on the reason for dissatisfaction, and is at the discretion of the Program team.
• No refunds can be entertained after the 30 day period is over, from the date of Welcome Email being sent to the applicant.

Case Studies
• I have been mentoring seekers on financial freedom since 2014, have helped close to 3,500 freedom seekers make their life more worthwhile.
• Click here to read some of the stories.
• The ELITE Program is a completely unique experience altogether - where we go hand in hand together to earn you financial freedom and generate massive long term wealth for you.

Why should you Apply
• All consultations, suggestions and recommendations under this service is personally provided by me.
• The online financial data that you might be required to fill on our website, is all done through our 100% secure website.
• Unlike most financial advisories, this program runs as a Non Profit Program (there is a quarterly Service Continuity Form for Minimum Costs (INR 531 per month + Any additional optional payment). This makes the advice 100% genuine since there is no clash of interest.
• Part of your fees automatically goes as donations to Kalpavriksha - our Tree Plantation NGO .This makes you a social contributor automatically, while you continue to grow your wealth.
• I will personally handhold you to not only build your customised online financial freedom plan, but also track the same every month - with proactive suggestions and advice to maximise the returns from your portfolio and build a balanced portfolio for long term wealth creation. My aim is to get you financially free, as early as possible, and then help you with long term massive wealth creation - so that you can live a life of your dreams. We will be together in this beautiful journey.
• I aim to help you stay on course in your freedom journey and improve the health of your existing portfolio. This increases your passive income, as your money starts to create more money - thus speeding up your financial freedom and long term wealth creation.

Understand Before You Apply
• This service is NOT open for public. You will NOT see this being promoted anywhere. This service is only available for readers of our books / blogs, and a close group of friends.
• Since the portfolio of subscribers will be personally mentored by me, there is only a limited pie of time available for each seeker. This service is, therefore, restricted only to a selected few seekers whose applications are succesful.
• The selection for the ELITE Program is done on the basis of an interview (email or telephonic). I am looking for passion, enthusiasm and commitment towards your own freedom. Rest, I will mentor.
• There is a one-time (once in a life time) fees of INR 4,999 to be paid at the time of application, whose details need to be entered in the application form. The purpose of this fees is to ensure that only serious freedom seekers get to take a pie of my time.
• As on date, we are able to run the program at INR 531 per month (INR 1,593 per quarter). The purpose of this recurring fees is to ensure that at least our operational costs are covered.
• If your interview result is negative, your 100% fees will be refunded within 7 working days.
• Apart from the one time application fees and quarterly cost recovery fees, there are no other mandatory future payments for the rest of your life.
• You may pay any additional fees that you wish to pay. The quality of our Services are NOT dependent on this additional payment. However, a lot of seekers pay additional fees based on their will, and the value addition, they think, has been done to the health of their portfolio.

When can you Apply
• The Applications to the ELITE Program are generally accepted 3 times in a year (3 application windows).
• The application form is typically open for a week, just before the deadline dates of 13-Apr, 15-Aug and 1-Jan.
• If you are far away from the application window, you can get yourself added to the next batch of wait listed candidates for the ELITE Program.

What is ELITE Wait List
• If you are far away from the application window, you can get yourself added to the Wait List of candidates for the ELITE Program.
• All Wait listed candidates will be intimated via Whats App and EMail before opening of the next application window.
• You may check whether your name exists in the ELITE Wait list for the next batch by clicking here.
• You can get your name added to the Wait List of candidates for the ELITE Program by sending us an email at 'help@manoj-arora.com' mentioning your full name, email address and Whats App number.

How to Apply
• Anytime during the application window, you can apply for the ELITE Program by filling up the Application Form.
• We will come back to you with the interview details after receiving your application.
• The date of application within the application window does not matter. All applicants will get to appear for the interview.
• If you are currently not in the application window, please send us an email at 'help@manoj-arora.com' mentioning your name, email and whats app number. We will get you added to the waitlist for the program. We will also notify you when the application window opens.
• The selection is purely on MERIT. It is NOT based on First come First Served Basis.

Can you reapply if you were an ELITE Subscriber earlier
• Yes, you can re-apply. We understand that there could have been unforeseen situations in your life which would have forced you to quit the program earlier.
• We would, infact, encourage you to apply as per the application window, along with other regular applicants.
• The Application Fees in such cases is just 10% of the regular application fees i.e. INR 499.
• The selection is purely on MERIT. Your application will be reviewed along with all other applicants in the application window.

Natural Exit
• You have a choice to naturally exit from the program at any stage by expressing your willingness to do so.
• All you have to do is to opt for exiting the program in your Quarterly Service Continuity Form while submitting it online.

Account Suspension
• Failure to submit the Quarterly Service Continuity Form, even after multiple reminders over email and WhatsApp, will lead to automatic suspension of your subscription.
• Just submitting the Quarterly Service Continuity Form without making any progress or updates for 6 months on the Financial Freedom journey, is very likely to lead to suspension of your subscription, unless you have gone on Snooze for a valid reason. We need to always create space for those seekers who are more serious about their journey.
• You will get 90 days after suspension of your account to get it re-activated. Failure to re-activate your account within 90 days of suspension will lead to automated cancellation of your account.

Putting your Account on Snooze
• There can be unexpected situations in life forcing you to give your time to more urgent priorities. In such special circumstances, you have a choice to put your account on Snooze.
• The account can be put on Snooze for a maximum period of 12 months.
• You will need to provide a valid reason for putting your account on Snooze.
• The account will remain in hibernation for the Snooze period, and will come back to active status as soon as the Snooze period is over.

Customised Scientific Calculation of your Freedom Corpus and Date
• You will know exactly how much money you need for financial freedom.
• You will know the precise month and year in which you are going to be financially free.

You and me work together to track your freedom journey
• You will know your precise monthly net-worth targets to be achieved.
• You will know your precise customised investing strategy.
• You will know the most optimum portfolio balance for you.
• Your future goals will be mapped to your assets, and you will be monitored and warned before hand in case any of your future goals are at risk.
• Every sub asset of yours is being reviewed for performance and risk.
• Not only you know all of these data points, I am tracking you on them - month on month - through various charts and metrics - until you get financially free.
• I personally track you on your journey, and I stay with you until you get financially free - whether it takes 1 year or 30 years.

Life Time Access to all Financial Tools on our website
You get a life time access to all tools on the website, some of which are as below.
• Cash Flow (Income Vs Expense - Savings) Tracker.
• Net Worth (Asset Vs Liability) Tracker.
• Future Special Events Budgeting Tool.
• Asset Vs Future Event Mapping Tool.
• Risk Profile Assessment Tool.
• Asset Performance Tracking Tool.
• Freedom Wall - to enable you to interact with other freedom seekers from across the globe.
• Stock Value Analysis Sheet - to perform Value Analysis for your Stocks.
• Thumb Rules and Calculators.
• Sharpen Your Financial Saw Tool - An Education Library.

We work extensively on the tougher part : Habits, Discpline, Commitment and Perseverence
Wealth is amassed less by smart investing tips but more with discipline, commitment, SMART Goals, planning and rigorous tracking. These are tough things to do, and this is where you and me work together:
• You will be continiously pushed to create a habit of regular saving and tracking.
• You will never be spoon fed. I will spend time to let you try things, ask questions and find answers. You will find your way and learn.

What they have experienced in the ELITE Program...



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